Arthur Murray Dance Center - Adult Dance Lessons
June 30, 2022
Competition, News

Have you ever marveled at the talent of our studio instructors and students? Have you noticed how well your fellow students are performing at the monthly competitions they are competing in across the globe? We are so proud of our growing competitive dance team who have helped us in achieving FOUR TOP STUDIO AWARDS during the spring competitive season. 

Boston Dance-O-Rama
Indianapolis Open Dancesport
Texas Dance-O-Rama
Hula Rama

Arthur Murray Dance Center of Dayton offers Dayton’s most successful ballroom dance instruction at the area’s most award-winning dance studio.  Arthur Murray is the oldest and largest of dance studios, with 270 dance centers in 22 countries. Offering ballroom dance lessons, country and western dance lessons, and wedding dance lessons in Dayton, Arthur Murray Dance Center Dayton has been operating continuously since 1946 and regularly ranks among the top ten percent of schools worldwide.  Click here to learn more about Arthur Murray Dance Center in Dayton and our team.

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