The Owners

Barbara & Tim Haller - Owners of Arthur Murray Dayton

Tim and Barbara Haller owned and operated the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Dayton, Ohio from 1984 through 2004. After a few years of residency in Connecticut, the Hallers returned to the Midwest and resumed ownership of the Dayton Studio in 2008.

They are not only the Franchisees for the Dayton market, but also the Master Franchisees for the Greater Cincinnati-Dayton metroplex.

Tim and Barbara are four-time United States Professional Ballroom Theatrical Arts Champions, with an impressive competitive and performance career. Despite their many awards, Barbara Haller states their greatest pleasure is in seeing how the dance experience at Arthur Murray alters people’s lives in such a positive way.

While the Arthur Murray Dance Studios have been operating for 100 years, Tim and Barbara Haller are pleased to note that the Dayton Franchise has been operating continuously since 1946.

Tim and Barbara Haller
Terra the Earth

Four Time United States Theatrical Arts Champions

Tim and Barbara are four-time United States Professional Theatrical Arts Ballroom Champions. By winning this National Championship Ballroom Dancing Title for the fourth time in 1999, the Hallers made ballroom competition history by becoming only second theatrical arts dance team to win the title four times since the inception of the United States Ballroom Championships in 1971.

Theatrical Arts is one of the most physically demanding styles of dance. Unlike the other competitive ballroom dance styles, it borrows significantly from gymnastics and ballet. Typically danced with one team on the floor at a time, the Cabaret style routines of Theatrical Arts are filled with complicated lifts, drops, splits and other risk figures. Theatrical Arts most closely resembles pairs figure skating.

The Hallers were recipients of the Feather Award, ballroom dancing’s equivalent of the movie industry’s Oscar. In fact, Barbara and Tim received the Feather Award’s highest honor, the Publication Award, recognizing them as the “most accomplished Theatrical Arts dancers” in the United States. Other notable recipients of the Publication Award include Cyd Charisse, Juliet Prowse, and Donald O’Connor (Singin’ in the Rain).

Tim and Barbara have performed numerous times with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra including the Pops production of “Symphantasy VII,” “An American in Paris,” the Pop’s televised Holiday Special “New Year’s Eve Big Band Hit Parade,” “A Grand Viennese Ball,” and “Gotta Dance.” They have also performed in the Cincinnati Ballet’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream Dance.”

Other orchestral appearances have included shows with the Naples Philharmonic, the Illinois Philharmonic, the Middletown Symphony, and the Carmon DeLeone Orchestra. Barbara and Tim also performed with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra for the first time in the New Year’s Eve production of “A French Affair to Remember.”

The Hallers have also been featured soloists on PBS’s most popular and nationally televised program, “Championship Ballroom Dancing,” for an unprecedented nine years including PBS’s 20th Anniversary Television Special entitled “Legends of Dance.”

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