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Olivia Frederick


From the greater Dayton Area, Olivia has been at Arthur Murray Dance Center of Dayton since 2013. Like many instructors, Olivia started out as a client and fell completely in love with ballroom dance. With a background in ballet and jazz, Olivia quickly decided to become an instructor. Olivia is also a nurse in the local area, working with individuals with developmental disabilities as well as home health care. It is her passion to help others through the power of dance and always give back to the community.

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  • Dancing with the Stars Winner
In the 1940s, Americans became fascinated by Latin American rhythms. The Mambo combined American Jazz with Afro-Cuban beat. For dancers, the Mambo was an exciting challenge. Arthur Murray Studios became famous for turning out the best Mambo dancers of the era.
Salsa is the Spanish word for “sauce,” denoting a spicy or hot flavor. As a dance, it can be danced to a variety of rhythms. There is the “L.A.” or “On-1 Style” breaking on the 1 beat. And the “New York” or “On-2 Style” which breaks on the 2 and 6 beats of the music. Generally, salsa music encompasses many Afro-Latin rhythms driven by the clave (two wooden sticks struck together). Many of the Salsa patterns are closely related to those of the Mambo.
The national dance of Brazil, often called “The South American Waltz,” became the rage of Brazilian society in the 1930s but began as an exhibition dance in Paris in 1905.

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