Arthur Murray Adult Dance Lessons
November 10, 2021

It’s an event that we love supporting with organization, choreography and instruction, and support with our professional dance instructors. Thanks to our team members, Craig, Amanda, Megan, and Guillermo (Arthur Murray – West Chester), who danced the night away during the Dancing with the Kettering Stars to support the Kettering Police Foundation. Congratulations to celebrity dancers Officer Lester Spinks and Dr. Roberto Colon and Arthur Murray instructors, Megan and Amanda. Amanda is a multiple mirror ball winning instructor, but this year marks the first (of what we’re sure will be many) mirror ball win for our newest instructor, Megan!

The Kettering Police Foundation was established to create a way for citizens, organizations and businesses to give back to Ohio’s Finest Community. The Foundation is a police-oriented organization with the sole purpose of recognizing and helping those in need. The Foundation sponsors state-of-the-art training to area police officers, assists citizens with extraordinary situations, as well as awards college scholarships to students studying law enforcement. Learn more about the Kettering Police Foundation at

Amanda was born and raised in Eaton, Ohio. As a child she took classes in tap, ballet, and jazz. As an adult she took salsa lessons and always loved to go out dancing, but never thought about pursuing it as a career. She was working in the food industry when she met Barbara Haller, who offered her a job on the spot! Amanda’s favorite part of her career is hearing people say how dancing has changed their lives, as it has certainly changed hers!

The newest instructor on our team, Megan has an extensive dance background as a child. After a ten-year break from the dance floor due to an injury, this Miami University graduate with a master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology reignited her love affair with dance. After just a few years of dancing as a student, Megan is now a full-time instructor at our studio and says she can’t wait to travel and compete with her students as a member of the Arthur Murray staff and dance family!

About Arthur Murray Dance Center Dayton: Dayton’s most exciting ballroom dance experience at the area’s most beautiful dance studio, Arthur Murray’s is the oldest and largest of dance studios, with 270 dance centers in 22 countries. Offering ballroom dance lessons, country and western dance lessons, and wedding dance lessons in Dayton, Arthur Murray Dance Center Dayton has been operating continuously since 1946 and regularly ranks among the top ten percent of schools worldwide. Click here to learn more about Arthur Murray Dance Center in Dayton and our team.

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