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Read what former and current students have to say about learning to dance at Arthur Murray Dance Center in Dayton.

I’ve been dancing at Arthur Murray for about 10 months and take a few lessons a month. The teachers are fun, professional and meet you were you are at. You learn at your own pace and can customize your lessons to what you want to learn. The Friday night group lessons and practice parties are such a fun setting to learn social dancing. Additionally I have gained a lot of friends through me time here. It’s a great place to go if you’re interested in social dancing/a hobby, preparing for a wedding, or more serious dancing opportunities.

Krista Greenwell

I’ve been dancing at the Dayton Mall Arthur Murray for a year now and I love it. The owner, Barbara Haller, has created an environment that is friendly and full of happy people. The instructors are well trained, encouraging, and they keep my lessons a perfect blend of exercise and fun. If you’ve ever considered dance lessons, wait no longer. Do it!

Debra Howard

I’ve never danced before and they were very welcoming. Our instructor showed us a few different dance styles similar to what we came in for (swing) and they tied together well. On the second visit we did a quick review to make sure we remembered what we learned and then picked up right from where we’d left off. The whole staff is kind and personable and they were in tune with our skill levels. Barbara, the owner, was even on the floor to greet us and was an awesome lady! I guess I’m going to have to keep this up now…

Justin Gomez

I was able to learn a special dance for the first dance at my wedding. My instructor was a great teacher and came up with awesome choreography. Everyone at the wedding loved it! Thank you so much! Would recommend this to anyone wanting to do something fun and unique at their wedding!

Nicole Young

Great friendly atmosphere and great instructors. Amanda is going above and beyond helping my daughter and I prepare for her big day! Thanks to Barbara and her entire team.

Michael Nichols

Amanda makes our lessons really fun! Having a good sense of humor helps those of us who need extra help at times

Stephanie Stark

Awesome place to learn how to dance!!!! We decided to go talk to Arthur Murray to see what our options were to take some dance lessons to make our first dance at our wedding special. Our first time through the door, we met with Barbara to go over everything as far as packages that were available. We were introduced to instructor for our introductory lesson. It was an awesome experience. After the first lesson, we didn’t hesitate to sign up for the largest bridal package. The instructors worked with us to develop choreography that reflected our song and our personalities. By the time our wedding date came around, we had a challenging dance which we could perform with confidence. After the wedding, we decided to continue taking lessons. Now we are learning the different social styles of dance. It has been a great experience since the first time through the door. All of the instructors have been very friendly, personable, and easy to learn from. I would highly recommend the instructors and staff of Arthur Murray of Dayton to anyone.

Thomas Blair

I found a great place for fun exercise, to meet nice people and learn to dance at Arthur Murray Dayton. My instructors have been very patient with me. As an older single lady, it is a safe and comfortable place I can go alone. The practice parties give me the opportunity to dance with many fine gentlemen, both young and old. What more could a girl ask for?!!!

Sue Netzley

Amazing instructors who make dancing fun and easy to learn. Always very professional and courteous. Great variety of dances that are taught and have a dance for any style of music. wonderful atmosphere, really enjoyable, simply just love it. Other dancing students make you feel welcome and always look forward to seeing you during group lessons. They are very encouraging and make you feel comfortable as if you were at home dancing in your living room. Arthur Murray Dance Center of Dayton is my home away from home.

Veronica Bazan

I really enjoy learning to dance. The instructors are friendly, everyone is very classy and fun to be around, and the atmosphere is warm and active. I’m a total beginner, and I feel like I’m really making some progress with my dancing here.

B Marce