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Amanda is amazing. We were scared at first , after the first lesson she made us feel at ease. Our first dance is going to be beautiful. I would recommend all couples come do this before the wedding. It’s a lot of fun as well. Thanks Amanda!

Aaron Woodall

Awesome place to learn how to dance!!!! We decided to go talk to Arthur Murray to see what our options were to take some dance lessons to make our first dance at our wedding special. Our first time through the door, we met with Barbara to go over everything as far as packages that were available. We were introduced to instructor for our introductory lesson. It was an awesome experience. After the first lesson, we didn’t hesitate to sign up for the largest bridal package. The instructors worked with us to develop choreography that reflected our song and our personalities. By the time our wedding date came around, we had a challenging dance which we could perform with confidence. After the wedding, we decided to continue taking lessons. Now we are learning the different social styles of dance. It has been a great experience since the first time through the door. All of the instructors have been very friendly, personable, and easy to learn from. I would highly recommend the instructors and staff of Arthur Murray of Dayton to anyone.

Thomas Blair

I would recommend Arthur Murray to anyone who is interested in taking dance classes. Amanda is an amazing instructor and she has choreographed such a beautiful first dance for my wedding day. They’re very friendly, patient, and explain things in a variety of ways, to help you grasp each concept.

April Young

I’ve never danced before and they were very welcoming. Our instructor showed us a few different dance styles similar to what we came in for (swing) and they tied together well. On the second visit we did a quick review to make sure we remembered what we learned and then picked up right from where we’d left off. The whole staff is kind and personable and they were in tune with our skill levels. Barbara, the owner, was even on the floor to greet us and was an awesome lady! I guess I’m going to have to keep this up now…

Justin Gomez

Great friendly atmosphere and great instructors. Amanda is going above and beyond helping my daughter and I prepare for her big day! Thanks to Barbara and her entire team.

Michael Nichols

I really enjoy learning to dance. The instructors are friendly, everyone is very classy and fun to be around, and the atmosphere is warm and active. I’m a total beginner, and I feel like I’m really making some progress with my dancing here.

B Marce

I’ve been dancing at Arthur Murray for about 10 months and take a few lessons a month. The teachers are fun, professional and meet you were you are at. You learn at your own pace and can customize your lessons to what you want to learn. The Friday night group lessons and practice parties are such a fun setting to learn social dancing. Additionally I have gained a lot of friends through me time here. It’s a great place to go if you’re interested in social dancing/a hobby, preparing for a wedding, or more serious dancing opportunities.

Krista Greenwell

Amazing instructors who make dancing fun and easy to learn. Always very professional and courteous. Great variety of dances that are taught and have a dance for any style of music. wonderful atmosphere, really enjoyable, simply just love it. Other dancing students make you feel welcome and always look forward to seeing you during group lessons. They are very encouraging and make you feel comfortable as if you were at home dancing in your living room. Arthur Murray Dance Center of Dayton is my home away from home.

Veronica Bazan

Thank you Arthur Murray Dance Center for helping support our Blue Ribbon Nite Gala!! It was a wonderful success!!!

CAC Warren County

I’ve been dancing at the Dayton Mall Arthur Murray for a year now and I love it. The owner, Barbara Haller, has created an environment that is friendly and full of happy people. The instructors are well trained, encouraging, and they keep my lessons a perfect blend of exercise and fun. If you’ve ever considered dance lessons, wait no longer. Do it!

Debra Howard
Tuan Tran Avatar
Tuan Tran
We had no dancing experience so wanted to learn for the wedding. Kaleb was our instructor and he was fantastic. He made our experience comfortable and the lessons were the best part of planning for the wedding. - 8/04/2023
TimnAnn Jones Avatar
TimnAnn Jones
We used to be so bad at dancing that we didn't even dance at our own wedding. Not anymore! This is so much more fun than we even expected. We are really enjoying getting some exercise and spending time together as a couple. Definitely worth the $$. Our instructor Amanda is amazing and has somehow gotten us to be fairly competent in just a few months. The group classes are terrific too. It's a great, welcoming group of instructors and students who help one another be successful and have a good time. - 4/07/2023
Teresa Macalolooy Avatar
Teresa Macalolooy
Have you ever said, “someday I’m going to learn how to dance” but think you are “too” something (too old, too young, too heavy, too single, too uncoordinated…)? It’s not the 1900s anymore – EVERYONE can and does dance! You don’t need a partner – there are plenty at our studio! Give yourself some grace and come see what’s happening at Arthur Murray in Dayton! The teachers can break down that waltz, swing, tango, or cha cha you’ve always wanted to learn and have you feeling confident and joining in the fun in no time! My instructor, Craig, always finds the approach that incrementally moves me from basic steps to mastery at a pace that works for me. I’ll see you on the dance floor… - 3/07/2023
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Mary Sanders Avatar
Mary Sanders
Learning to dance at Arthur Murray (Dayton) has been an absolutely delightful addition to my life. Along the way, I have met so many incredibly nice people who accept me as I am and who have welcomed me so freely into the Arthur Murray family. While all of the instructors are professionals and are amazing dancers and teachers, I’d like to specifically mention Craig. He has been my instructor for the past several months, and he is patient and kind while still teaching me and challenging me with new steps. There have been many times where I find myself smiling and laughing out loud while dancing with him because he makes it so much fun. A heart-felt THANK YOU to Craig for letting me be my natural clumsy self and stepping on his toes many times, and for bringing the joy of dancing into my life. Oh, and did I mention that I danced off 25 pounds … losing weight has never been so much fun! - 8/07/2022
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Alexander Brewer Avatar
Alexander Brewer
Arthur Murray has a lot of structure if you want to start ballroom dancing. Whether it's for a wedding or learning to dance long-term, the franchised studio system can offer many scheduled sessions if you can afford the expense. A big part of the Arthur Murray program is positive reinforcement, which can feel like sales psychology at times, but it also helps keep you motivated if what you want is to continue. With private lessons you'll be encouraged to show off more and more by participating in arrangements like solo, spotlight, group, or starlight dances. It's a hard job, but the instructors always stay extroverted. During the dance parties for instance, they do a great job of keeping everyone's energy up. Around springtime is when Festival begins, offering students incentives to buy more lessons or attend more events, like going to El Meson for Cinco de Mayo. Another aspect is the check chat, which is a way to use two lessons to get a progress check while you're going over your dances with an instructor. You can also pay extra for the same kind of review with Ed Simon at the professional level. The paper and binder system for tracking your progress is a bit outdated, so it would be nice if Arthur Murray upgraded to a mobile app. - 8/07/2022
Clint Spesard Avatar
Clint Spesard
A lovely studio with an even lovelier staff and instructors. They are worth all the time and money put into learning dance. They take their time to work with you and your partner through the dances you want to learn. Everyone at this studio is professional and supportive beyond belief! - 8/07/2022
Scottie Lentz Avatar
Scottie Lentz
Amazing fun! Amazing instructors! Super friendly place. I come from a roughness background and never saw myself as a Dancer, but this place changed my mind! - 8/07/2022
Kimberly Fisher Avatar
Kimberly Fisher
Dancing changed my life! My instructor, Craig, works hard to ensure I am challenged and have fun during every lesson. All of the staff are friendly, encouraging and skilled. And the people you meet... building friendships with the other students is the cherry on top! You can’t go wrong with this studio! - 8/07/2021
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Andrew Fryman Avatar
Andrew Fryman
I had wanted to try ballroom dancing for several years, but I had the idea that I needed a dance partner to start. Even though I get nervous about trying new things, I decided to give Arthur Murray a try. I am so glad that I took a chance and started dancing. Amanda has been my teacher and dance partner from day one and has been nothing short of incredible. She has been very friendly and supportive, but also very professional. She has found a good balance of keeping it fun and helping me feel comfortable, while still challenging me to improve as a dancer and a person. Amanda has already helped me to become a better dancer and leader than I ever thought possible, and all in my first 3 months of dancing. I highly recommend giving Arthur Murray a try. The teachers will help you get the most out of your dancing and you’ll find a great community of staff and students that are passionate about dance. - 8/07/2021
Margaret Pinson Avatar
Margaret Pinson
I've been taking classes for about 1 year now. My previous dance experience included high school dances and the 'chicken dance' at weddings. So my expectations weren't high but I was looking for something that was fun and an alternative exercise. Who knew it would be so much fun! The instructors are all so patient and personable. They really know about what you are able to accomplish. Fellow students are so supportive of one another and the parties are such a great time to practice your new skills . Do it, you'll love it! And special thanks to Tsali for leading me through this journey. - 8/07/2021
Megan Evans Avatar
Megan Evans
Words cannot express how wonderful my Arthur Murray Dayton dance “family” is! The instructors are incredible and the diverse group of students make for a welcoming, dynamic and fun environment! Since I started dancing with AMD about a year and a half ago, my dance and life goals have changed a few times! My instructor, Tsali, has been incredible at personalizing and adjusting the pace and content of my lessons as I’ve grown from a beginner student to aspiring competitor! His attention to detail and technique combined with his charismatic personality make it easy to have fun while learning! Amanda has also gone above and beyond; her talents for styling and her ever-positive attitude have helped grow my confidence, both on and off the dance floor. The Arthur Murray Dayton team work together to make sure you have everything you need for success!! - 8/07/2021
John Hoffman Avatar
John Hoffman
My wife and I decided to take dance lessons to prepare for our wedding reception. What I expect was professional and quality teachers. What I didn't expect was to find a while new set of friends. Both teachers and students are so friendly and encouraging. The parties on Fridays are so enjoyable. I cannot end this review without giving a shout-out to Amanda. She is a wonderful teacher. My wife and I have come so far and can't wait to see were we will go. - 8/07/2021
Kacy P Avatar
Kacy P
My husband and I have started taking weekly lessons at Arthur Murray - Dayton and we can't speak highly enough about it! The staff is professional, friendly and all around amazing! (Especially our instructor, Craig!) We have learned so much together and taking dance lessons has been an awesome way to break up our typical 9-5 routine and enjoy "date night" beyond the standard dinner or a movie. - 8/07/2021
Sarah Avatar
I’m an empty nester whose husband thought we should take dance lessons. Even though I knew I’d make a fool of myself, I called to schedule an introductory lesson just to end the discussion. The owner, Barbara Haller, warmly answered my call. She must have noted my hesitance because she scheduled us with Craig who we were “guaranteed to love.” The night of our first lesson Barbara welcomed us at the door and greeted us by name. We were introduced to Craig and we never looked back. We began dancing two years ago with Arthur Murray Dayton. Those initial lessons were our date nights - time to just have fun and leave our worries and work at the door. Craig was as advertised – always encouraging, lighthearted, and patient. From the first phone call to every step on the dance floor, we were welcomed into the Arthur Murray family. Thank you to Barbara, Craig, and our other fantastic instructors, Amanda and Olivia, for always encouraging us and making us feel at home. Dancing become the joy I never knew I was missing and the studio became the safe place where my husband and I reconnected, I shed my fear, and we found our groove. - 8/07/2021
Steve Rose Avatar
Steve Rose
I never knew I liked to dance until I took my first lesson at Arthur Murray in Dayton. Their great instructors make learning to dance fast and fun. Amanda has given me the skills and confidence to dance in any situation. - 8/07/2021
Rob Wanless Avatar
Rob Wanless
This is a fun way to learn dance. Every teacher here is a solid professional, but also a great dancer, and personable partner. This studio holds dance parties to practice steps and moves. I recommend this facility strongly, I learned a lot, had fun, got closer to my wife, made good friends, and used what I learned at weddings and parties. - 8/07/2021
Nicole Singer Avatar
Nicole Singer
We LOVE this place! The instructors & staff are incredible - kind, helpful and very experienced. We started thinking we'd just take a couple lessons and have now been going for over 2 years, even our kids enjoy learning from our awesome instructor Craig! - 8/07/2021
Jay Cymbalak Avatar
Jay Cymbalak
The instructor's are very patient and professional. Dancing gives my wife and I something to do together that is fun and enjoyable. The studio is always clean and safe. - 8/07/2021
Ellie Monger Avatar
Ellie Monger
My husband and I have been taking lessons with Craig. He is very professional. Very patient and puts up with our sense of humor. Though we are not looking to be professional we have learned so very much. Craig is a wonderful instructor. - 8/07/2021
Shelley La Judice Avatar
Shelley La Judice
December 2020 - "We've been taking individual dance lessons for a few years but COVID and work had us taking a break until a few weeks ago. We've been back in the studio taking couples lessons for a few weeks and are loving our time on the dance floor. Craig is a talented and inspiring instructor. Even with masks, we've enjoyed our mid-week date nights more than ever! Our suggestion, get off the couch and start dancing. It's great for your heart in more ways than one!" --Steve and Shelley July 2019 - Great mental and physical exercise! They say the first dance is the hardest but with great instructors like Tsali Helton, the hardwork is fun and gratifying as you learn new moves that challenge your mind and your body. Tsali's patience and warmth are so refreshing. Get out of your comfort zone and start dancing today! Shelley - 8/07/2021
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Russ Turner Avatar
Russ Turner
Have been a student for a year and half. The facilities are first rate and my instructors have been professional and very positive. The atmosphere is happy and the other students are fun to be around. A first class organization. It’s been a great way to get out and exercise and have a lot of fun. Thanks - 8/07/2021
Susie King Avatar
Susie King
Arthur Murray Dance Center is wonderful! My instructor, Craig Johnston, is outstanding! Taking lessons there has been a great experience! - 8/07/2021
Kurt Avatar
When I took my first lesson here a little over a year ago, I didn't know if I could even learn how to dance. The studio staff was very courteous over the phone and set me up with Amanda, who made me feel comfortable right away and walked me through the basics of several different styles of dance. By the end of the lesson I knew it was something I could learn, would enjoy, and could even become good at with enough time and effort. Over the past year, taking two lessons a week and taking advantage of the group classes and practice parties, I've been able to work through the syllabus and learn to lead ten different dances. The instructors are engaging and have helped me with learning new patterns, adjusting footwork, identifying rhythm, finding balance, and styling new moves and variations. Dancing at Arthur Murray has been a life-changing experience and has improved my sense of well-being beyond just dance - it's introduced me to people I never would have met before, improved my posture, changed the way I listen to music, instilled a sense of accomplishment in learning new skills, and given me more confidence around people. Not to mention - it's fun! - 8/07/2019
Isaac Weintraub Avatar
Isaac Weintraub
My fiancé and I had been considering leaning ballroom dance for our upcoming wedding and thought it would be a good idea to try out Arthur Murray Dance Studio. We purchased a groupon and eventually signed up for 6 lessons. After six lessons, we were able to dance with more confidence than before in social situations. My fiancé, who was apprehensive about dancing at weddings and other social events became more confidant. We went to an event and she told me it was the first time she didn’t feel scared of getting on the dance floor. Both she and I get confident and had a lot of fun. A week later, we heard from her friends and family about all the compliments people were saying about us dancing. I’m very glad that we decided to take lessons. Sure, it costs a bit more than I expected, but it’s a lifelong skill that you’re leaning and the Arthur Murray Dance Studio instructors are very passionate and patient. They hold Friday socials which help with managing the dance floor. The private lessons are a great place to focus on what you need to change or consider. The group lessons are really great at exposing you to other dancers. I would recommend you go here and find the groupon. Take two lessons and decide for yourself. I, personally, have become more excited about dancing, more confident in social dances, and I even started changing the way I listen to music. Check then out. My fiancé and I have had a great experience, we think you will too. - 8/07/2019
April young Avatar
April young
I would recommend Arthur Murray to anyone who is interested in taking dance classes. Amanda is an amazing instructor and she has choreographed such a beautiful first dance for my wedding day. They're very friendly, patient, and explain things in a variety of ways, to help you grasp each concept. 👍🏻 - 8/07/2017
Debra Howard Avatar
Debra Howard
I've been dancing at the Dayton Mall Arthur Murray for a year now and I love it. The owner, Barbara Haller, has created an environment that is friendly and full of happy people. The instructors are well trained, encouraging, and they keep my lessons a perfect blend of exercise and fun. If you've ever considered dance lessons, wait no longer. Do it! - 8/07/2017
Nicole Young Avatar
Nicole Young
Was able to learn a special dance for the first dance at my wedding. Ramon was a great teacher and came up with awesome choreography. Everyone at the wedding loved it! Thank you so much! Would recommend this to anyone wanting to do something fun and unique at their wedding! - 8/07/2017
Zach Sherman Avatar
Zach Sherman
What a blast! This location is top notch in terms of instruction and atmosphere. In just a few short months I have learned a variety of dances with no previous experience. So much care is taken by the staff with every detail. They don't get comfortable with their skills and just go through the motion of training, they are always looking to better themselves and learn new moves. This is evident by the staff training that happens periodically. I love this attention to the small details. That is what sets them apart, they are the gold standard of dance. Another aspect I love is the Friday night parties, another chance to show off your moves with everyone there. Even if you aren't very good yet going to the parties really helps because you get tips from all the experienced people and I have gotten much better much faster from attending these. I think anyone looking for the real deal and wants to learn dancing should come here. - 8/07/2017
Aaron Woodall Avatar
Aaron Woodall
Amanda is amazing. We were scared at first , after the first lesson she made us feel at ease. Our first dance is going to be beautiful. I would recommend all couples come do this before the wedding. It's a lot of fun as well. Thanka Amanda! Aaron - 8/07/2017
Daniel Huiet Avatar
Daniel Huiet
I have been going to Arthur Murray for several months now. I was approached by Amanda to come check it out. At first I was hesitant and didn't know what to expect. I have been going weekly now and couldn't be more pleased. They even have dance parties on the weekends so you can test your skills with other dancers! The owner is fantastic and I am blown away by her professionalism. I would highly recommend Arthur Murray to anyone. - 8/07/2017