Dayton Ballroom Dancing
October 29, 2019

Superarma was one of the best that we’ve ever participated in. The largest Superarama ever, Craig Johnston, Fran Duntz, Ann Bockrath, Bob and Diane Buchanan, Sarah Hunter, Barbara Haller, Amanda Horn, Steve Rose, Olivia Frederick, Michael LaCaze, and not pictured, Doug Berger, represented Team Dayton. We are so proud of how well our team performed and everyone was a winner. Fran danced over 200 entries with her instructor, Craig. Ann competed and placed with her instructor, Craig. Sarah, soon departing for Chicago, danced numerous dances with her instructor, Craig. Congratulations to Michael (and his instructor Olivia) who won top newcomer. Steve (with his instructor Amanda) won top bronze student. And, our own Craig was named top teacher.