Arthur Murray Dayton Ballroom Dance Lessons
May 14, 2020

May 14, 2020 | As you may have already heard, we are reopening our studio next Monday, May 18. We recognize that our students have many questions and concerns with respect to the COVID-19 corona virus, and we are reaching out to all of you today to share with you what we are doing to help ensure your safety, comfort, and health when you are in our studio with us. At this time, we are ready to take all the necessary precautions by following the CDC guidelines, and look forward to seeing many of you sooner than later!

What we are doing:
Soft Opening:
We are phasing in both the staff and students for on-site lessons over a 3 week period to minimize the number of people in the studio, gradually ramping up, but at no time over 10 people at once (until approved by Governor DeWine).
During this transition period, we will also offer virtual private lessons on Zoom for those students who may wish to delay their on-site lessons for a period.
Group classes and Party Practice Sessions will continue to be offered only virtually on Zoom until further notice.

During Entry:
We will be taking the temperatures of all the studio staff members and students upon entry to the facility each day, using a touch-less thermometer. Staff or students with temperatures of 100 degrees F or greater will be not permitted in the facility.
Face coverings will be required in the studio upon entry by all staff and students (no visitors permitted to attend appointments at this time). Please bring your own. If you are unable to bring one, a disposable mask will be provided to you.
Hand washing is vital to the staff and students, and we request that each person, upon entering the facility, wash their hands in one of the multiple restrooms.

Social Distancing/Minimizing Contact:
The studio will have partitions set up to ensure separation of lessons. There will be 3 dedicated spaces for rhythm dancing, a continuous loop around the perimeter for smooth dancing, and the small ballroom available for virtual lessons (teacher to student at home) and wedding couples.
We also offer hand sanitizers in many locations throughout the studio for periodic use.
Disposable gloves will be available at the front desk for voluntary use.
At the onset, we will teach “touch-less” lessons.
Staff will be required to wear disposable gloves and students may also wear gloves (voluntary)

Continuous Disinfecting:
Touch surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized multiple times each day.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at

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