Arthur Murray - Dayton Adult Dance Studio
May 20, 2023

Tim and Barbara Haller are pleased to welcome our newest instructors, Rebekah and Kaleb, to our Dayton adult dance studio!

Rebekah | The arts have been a part of Rebekah’s life since she was young. She grew up in the Chicago area playing the piano and singing. Continuing her arts education, she studied theatre in college. Rebekah was a student at Arthur Murray in San Diego for about a year. She moved away from the coast and even though she had a 10-year break from dance due to a lack of studio in her area, Rebekah never stopped practicing. She moved to the Dayton area and quickly resumed her lessons. Shortly after that, she decided this was the career for her. Rebekah is very excited to share with everyone the wonderful world of ballroom dance.

Kaleb | Kaleb began his dancing career at the age of 5 when he started taking Irish dance lessons. After perfecting his craft, Kaleb started performing at various festivals and events, and eventually started participating in competitions at a regional, national and international level. After competing for over a decade, Kaleb got an opportunity to perform with a professional Irish dance show which toured around the country for over a month. Since then, he has performed on three national tours and one international tour. Kaleb’s passion for dance has extended into ballroom dancing, where he hopes to expand his knowledge and appreciation for various styles of dancing.

Recipients of the 2021 and 2022 Best Arthur Murray Studio Award, Barbara Haller and her husband Tim are four-time United States Professional Ballroom Theatrical Arts Champions, with an impressive competitive and performance career. Despite their many awards, Barbara Haller states their greatest pleasure is in seeing how the dance experience at Arthur Murray alters people’s lives in such a positive way. While the Arthur Murray Dance Studios have been operating for 100 years, Tim and Barbara Haller are pleased to note that the Dayton Franchise has been operating continuously since 1946.

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