Arthur Murray Dayton Dance Center
May 31, 2016

Welcome to our NEW blog! Here you will find experiences, observations, opinions, images, and links to helpful websites. So why will this blog benefit you? Read on to find out….

6 Reasons Why This NEW Blog Will Be Your NEW Best Friend

Written by Kristen Perpich

Access to the Most Common Questions that ALL Dancers Have
You can be sure that if you have a question, there have been other people with the exact same question! In this blog, you will find answers to some of the most common dance-related queries.


Hear the Info Straight From the Source
How often have you “googled” something, only to find a plethora of not-so-appealing search results? Or asked someone for their help and received an unexpected and seemingly unrelated answer? How do you know what information to trust?
In addition to answering your questions, rest assured that the information provided on this blog is coming from a dance organization that has been around for over 100 years!

A Way to Pass Along Info to Your Friends & Family that are Curious About Your New Hobby
Do your non-dancing friends often ask you about your new hobby?
This new blog will provide you with ample information to send to your friends and family, and give them a glimpse into the world of ballroom dance. Maybe they’ll even be curious enough to come to a practice party to watch you get your groove on.

For Dancers, From Dancers
What kind of rhinestones should you use on that new dress? Zip-up or tie-it-yourself tie? Why should I learn the Argentine Tango?
Who better to give dance advice than dancers? We understand the dance world has it’s own language. This blog will help you decipher that language and begin to speak it on your own.

Focused Gathering of Dance Related Articles
Why look on multiple websites for related information when you can get it all in 1 place?
This blog is intended to be a focused collection of all things dance. No need to go hunting on the internet. And if there is something that you’re looking for and cannot find it here….. ask!

Gain Insight into Coaches Minds
We love a good interview, especially when we get to pick the mind of one of Arthur Murray’s traveling consultants! We hope to give you the opportunity to get to know these coaches a little better than you can on a coaching lesson.

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