Arthur Murray Dayton Dance Center
May 25, 2016


5 Life-Altering Benefits of Ballroom Dance

Written by Barbara Haller


1. Marvelous Exercise!
Did you know it is recommended we take 10,000 steps a day?! In a 45 minute lesson you will knock out approximately 25% of your daily minimum. Additionally, dancing, like swimming, engages all the muscles in the body which produces a toned physique! So you get a tremendous endorphin-producing workout, all while you look (and smell) great!!

dancing couple

2. “Marriage Insurance”
Most couples have individual hobbies, rarely shared ones. Dancing can be a great couple’s hobby. Holding your spouse in your arms while dancing is romantic and enjoyable. In fact, many of our clients tell us their lessons are their “date nights”. They meet at the studio after work, dance together and then enjoy dinner and a glass of wine afterwards, catching up on their day!


3. Learning a New Skill Boosts Self Confidence
We have watched ladies, gentlemen, and couples blossom before our very eyes. For example, a female paralegal who was rather shy when she began her lessons. After a few months, clients started asking about the exciting new person answering the phone. Her boss asked what she had been doing differently in her life and she responded “I began taking social ballroom dancing”. Her boss was so impressed he asked her to keep taking classes and he even purchased the next dance course for her!!!


4. A Safe and Friendly Learning Environment
Our weekly practice parties provide an enjoyable social interaction with the nicest people around. A safe and friendly environment makes it comfortable for singles and couples to let their hair down after a long week, enjoy a glass of wine and a snack and dance the night away. Many of our clients continue the party at local clubs afterwards! We are truly a large extended family who immensely enjoy each other’s company!


5. Did We Mention the FUN?!
Our clients say that no matter the day they may have had, they always feel better after dancing because it is so much fun! As one couple puts it: “We used to grocery shop on Friday night. Now we have a wonderful time dancing instead! The camaraderie and fun we experience at the studio is the highlight of our week!!”.

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